My next Programming Language is Swift!

I am going to learn Swift for my research.

Currently my research is about IoT and Machine Learning, but an IOS application is required for User Interface. Actually I can just create it using React Native or make a Web App with React or Vue, but my professor has given me an Macbook Air so there is no reason to not learning Swift lol.

With Swift, number of Programming Languages used in my research will be 5. They are: C++, JavaScript, Python, R, and Swift. I’m using C++ for my Arduino, JavaScript for Web/MQTT server (which I’m planning to use Go instead), and Python and R for Data Analysis.

I’m not sure that I can learn it in a short time since I’m very busy now with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and of course Go. Maybe I will have to drop Go and revisit it after my IOS application is finished.

So I think that my blog will be full of Swift articles from now. At least for 1 month lmao.